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Whether you are looking for relief from a physical or psychological ailment, today, CBD Oil is quickly becoming a widely used remedy. With so many brands, websites, and reviews available online, it can be confusing to wade through all the research to determine if CBD oil is right for you, and if so, which product is the best for your individual needs. It is also important to be educated on the CBD laws in your state and to know which site is the best place to purchase CBD oil when you need it most.

CBD Oil Specialists

Over the last few years, we have experimented with many of the leading CBD oils out there and have found that there can be many differences in the effectiveness of varying brands and types of oils.  After finding a few oils that produced the desired effects, we decided to create this website to help others get the information they need to find the best natural CBD products. At AM Meds, we’ve done the research for you and have personally found benefits from two of the top-selling brands of CBD oil.

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Green Roads

Green Roads offers one of our favorite brands of CBD oil for myriad reasons. Green Roads is made from American grown hemp. And they offer a wide variety of CBD products that are easy to use ranging from tinctures (liquids taken sublingually or under the tongue), capsules, chewable gumdrops, and topical products for muscle pain relief. Their website boasts thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Green Roads reports that their hemp is grown under organic conditions. They also claim that their extraction facilities use “cutting-edge methods to yield rich, broad-spectrum oils and isolates”. While they do not list organic ingredients specifically in the product descriptions, they do consider their products to be the gold standard in CBD products on the market.

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CBDfx offers some of the highest quality full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD products available in the world. They also use organically grown hemp and their products state that they are formulated using only the best ingredients possible. Like Green Roads, they offer tinctures, capsules, gummies, and topical products, as well as vape juices, beverages, and CBD for pets.

The CBDfx website also features many awards and articles from journals and magazines that support claims that CBDfx offers only the best in products and services. Their customer reviews are also excellent and their website also offers news, press, and helpful information about CBD.

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Who Is AM Meds?

AM Meds was born out of the realization that with so much information about CBD oil flooding the market, it is important to find sources of CBD oil that are safe, natural, and effective. And with so much conflicting research swirling around, we understand that some guidance from those with actual experience testing, using, and recommending the best sources for CBD oil is important to help others to find the right solution without having to sift through so many websites. We founded AM Meds as a means of educating others on our experience and guiding them to sources that we personally recommend.

Our names are Robert and Sayer and we have created this website to share our knowledge with the world so that others may experience the profound benefits of CBD oil. We have both suffered from extreme back pain as a direct result of years of doing manual labor and we have also both seen immediate relief and long-lasting results from using CBD oil specifically as a way to treat a variety of symptoms such as pain.

Both of us believe in using natural remedies for treating pain and we do not advocate taking prescriptions or over the counter pharmaceuticals and painkillers. And due to the fact that medical Cannabis is illegal in our state for our conditions, we began the search for the most natural alternative. While some of the oils were effective from the onset, other products had diminishing results after continuous use.

We support the National legalization of cannabis and CBD as a miracle substance for helping those with chronic pain or depression. Our results are personal to us, and we understand that each person might experience different results, so we cannot make any claims about how the CBD oils that we recommend might work for you. It is our sincere hope that you will read this website in its entirety before buying anything online.

About AM Meds

CBD Oil Reviews

AM Meds website was specifically designed to offer objective reviews of some of the most effective CBD brands that have been beneficial for us. We have personally tested these products and though individual results may vary, we suspect that you may find that these two brands might work as well for you as they have for us. Regardless of what conditions you may have, ranging from depression, anxiety, pain, or auto-immune conditions that attack the nervous system, this website will offer some guidance and help you make an educated decision as to which brands and products could be of benefit to you. Let’s briefly go over some of the CBD research.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has been used to offer various medical benefits. CBD is extracted from two different species of the Cannabis Sativa L plant, which include Cannabis and Hemp. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound that gives you that euphoric high, CBD does not make people feel mentally altered like you may have heard or had experienced when smoking marijuana. To the contrary, CBD can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

How Does CBD Affect the Body?

The way marijuana affects the body varies from person to person based on a variety of factors such as lifestyle, method of CBD ingestion, personal genetics and DNA, reaction to the cannabinoids, and more. Our bodies already naturally produce endocannabinoids when we exercise, sing, meditate, or experience sexual pleasure. Cannabinoids such as those found in CBD oil encourage the body to create more endocannabinoids to build receptors. This assists the body in relieving pain and decreasing inflammation. It also helps to repair cells as well as providing a wide range of other health benefits.

Medical Benefits of CBD

Both types of oils come from the Cannabis Sativa L species and contain levels of CBD, but they are quite different. CBD from hemp is most effectively made by cold pressing hemp seeds to extract the fatty oils that are safely released in the process. This type of oil is full of nutrition and can be used to treat a variety of medical problems. The ratios in this kind of oil of CBD tend to be less than in the oils extracted from the cannabis plant. However, people tend to report that CBD hemp oil can be extremely effective for a whole range of medical conditions, from chronic pain to even helping to prevent seizures. By contrast, the CBD oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant will often contain THC and CBD. The blend of the two substances that come from Cannabis can be quite pain-relieving in that they not only are anti-inflammatory, but they also tend to make the user feel relaxed or sleepy.

It is widely debated whether CBD can truly help treat patients suffering from medical illness in the same way that pharmaceutical medicine is designed to do. However, medical studies on patients along with research in scientific journals suggest that the findings on CBD oil are that it can help to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Further long-term studies need to be done to determine if there may be any long-term side effects or negative effects on the body such as organs like the liver, but for now, all the research suggests that CBD has miraculous results.

In fact, CBD has been reported to help with over 170 medical conditions, among them severe conditions such as Cancer, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Anorexia, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Glaucoma, and Multiple Sclerosis. Other studies have proven that it might even be an effective treatment for osteoarthritis and chronic pain. Recent studies have even shown that CBD may cure life-threatening diseases by altering genes, though that is also widely disputed at this point. While numerous studies have shown promising results, it is important to understand that CBD research is still at premature stages and further study must be done over a long period to confirm all the claims.

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Legality of CBD

Cannabis, which contains both THC and CBD is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug and is therefore illegal in most states. While some places in the US have legalized recreational use like California, Colorado, and Washington, most states only allow the use of Cannabis for medical reasons. And some states still make it a criminal offense to use Cannabis for any reason, both medical and recreational.

In 2014 and 2018, the cannabis/hemp industry was recognized when Congress passed the Farm Bill, defining industrial hemp growing to include any part of the plant Cannabis Sativa L. possessing no more than .3% THC. The Farm Bill offered a framework for hemp cultivation allowing the plant to be cultivated in states where compliant industrial hemp programs were created under state law. For the first time in years, Federal laws in regards to hemp were in line with state laws in specific states. As a result, CBD hemp products made from industrial hemp seeds are being offered throughout the US and around the world.

The legal implications surrounding CBD oil can be a challenge to navigate. CBD oil comes in two formats, Cannabis CBD oil, and CBD hemp oil, which are derived from industrial hemp. While both are beneficial when ingested or used topically, their therapeutic properties are quite different. Due to marketing strategy and consumer confusion regarding the two types of oil, the term CBD is being used to describe both, which also leads to more confusion on the subject.

Can You Buy CBD Oil If You Live in an Illegal State?

Since we at AM Meds live in a state that does not legally recognize the medical efficacy of cannabis, we are only able to use CBD hemp oil to treat our pain. But, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2014, certain forms of CBD that do not contain THC can now be delivered to your doorstep via the Internet. People that live in recreational states can purchase CBD oil which is high in potency and extremely effective for helping to treat severe medical conditions, while those that live in other states where CBD is not medically or recreationally approved can benefit from CBD hemp oil. CBD Hemp oil is perfect for helping to treat a wide range of conditions including anxiety, depression and acute pain both internally and topically.

5 Things To Watch Out For When Buying CBD

With so many different brands out there, it is often hard to navigate the waters to find the best products to take for the various conditions from which you may suffer. There are often claims made that are contrary to scientific research, so it is important to really do your research before investing in CBD products. Here you will find 5 tips that should help prevent you from falling victim to companies that are not selling actual CBD oil.

1) The FREE Sample

As within any product sold on the Internet, there are quite a few companies that are promoting their brands by offering FREE samples. However, be wary of online companies that require your credit card to cover shipping costs. Sometimes, these companies will later charge you full price for a bottle without your consent. Make sure that you never give out your credit card to a company that you do not trust. 

2) One Bottle Of CBD Is Not A Cure-All

CBD is a natural remedy that has a profound effect on your body. However, one bottle of pills will never solve all of your problems. In order to see results, other health changes along with consistency of CBD use will assure greater efficacy, so make sure to be committed to taking the product for a while in order to reap the benefits. Please always check with your physician to determine if your specific medical condition can be treated effectively with CBD oil before making any purchases.

3) Confiscation Due To THC

All postal services must follow the law in each specific state. When purchasing a CBD brand, it is important to look for the non-psychoactive stamp on the bottle, or at least on the company’s website to ensure that you are not violating state law by purchasing it. If there is any suspicion that your order may contain more than the legal amount of THC of 0.3%, you will be at risk of having the bottle confiscated by USPS.

4) Extraction And Lab Testing

Each company extracts their oil in a different way. In addition, CBD is not intended to be a cure-all that relieves every kind of pain or affliction. Each type of oil is made differently through the accompanying extraction process, so results will vary depending on how the product is derived. While the most popular method is through CO2 or cold-pressed extraction methods, other companies might use heating methods that lower the efficacy of the product. Cold pressing allows the manufacturer to achieve a 99% pure CBD extract. 

In addition to making sure the hemp is extracted in the best possible method, it is crucial to make sure that the company you purchase from uses hemp that is organic, free of pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers. Also, before you purchase anything, review the company’s website to make sure that they publish their methods and research online. All of the most reputable brands have their oils frequently tested by third-party labs to make sure that they are compliant in safety standards.

5) Customer Support

Customer service is the most important aspect of ordering from an online CBD manufacturer. Before buying anything, make sure to call the company, jump on their online chat service, or even send them an email to see if you get a quick response. If you do not see timely responses in your inquiries, you may not want to send them money only to find that you wait for months to get your product without any communication from the company. If you do get immediate feedback from a customer service agent, you can be more assured that your product will be delivered in a timely manner and that any follow-up questions you may have regarding your purchase will be answered.

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