With the rise in popularity of CBD products happening all over the world at this time, companies are researching and implementing new techniques and ways to offer various products to help those that seek relief from health symptoms by using CBD oil. CBDfx is one of the innovators in making a complete range of products designed to do just that. Founded in 2014 in Southern California, the company is known for its wide variety of consumer CBD products to suit almost any individual constitution.

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About CBDfx

Although CBDfx only sells CBD products rather than including any THC for states where it is legal, they claim that the hemp used to produce the CBD products is organic, non-gmo, and American-grown. They also focus on vape products since so many customers want to use a safer form of smoking to achieve the health benefits that they seek. One of the best aspects of this company is the flavors of products that are available, which makes the CBD experience more enjoyable than competitors’ products.

As with all CBD products on the market, CBDfx cannot make any claims about the efficacy of these products until more testing is done by the FDA. However, we can say from our experience that the CBDfx products work extremely well for pain such as what we at AM Meds personally experienced. Other user reviews claim that these CBD products work effectively for depression, anxiety, chronic pain, auto-immune disease symptoms, digestion, acne, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders, arthritis, epilepsy, recovery from opioid addiction, and symptoms from cancer treatment. Side effects or health detriments have not yet been studied to enough extent to publish recommendations regarding the use of CBD for these ailments. We at AM Meds have gotten a lot of benefit from using these CBD products ourselves and that is why we recommend CBDfx on our website.

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CBDfx Highlights

CBDfx, like many of the top CBD sellers, uses CO2 extraction methods and has all their products individually lab tested which are posted on each product description page. Each product contains full-spectrum CBD that is free from chemicals and residues. They also offer a 20% discount to first responders and military members. Their huge range of products is available in all 50 states with free shipping. Rather than focusing on just a couple of CBD products, this company provides a full range of products without scrimping on high quality in each.

Unlike other companies, they also have a knowledgable staff to answer questions when you call them. This is particularly helpful for first-time users and newbies to CBD. For convenience, most of their products are available in bundle or variety packs as well, which makes trying a range of products or stocking up in one order easier for consumers. The only complaint we have been able to find about CBDfx is that there is little or no information to be found anywhere on the web about the company itself or who actually raises the hemp.

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Why Choose CBDfx?

One of the biggest reasons that we at AM Meds recommend CBDfx as a company and provider of great CBD products is the large range of products they offer. We have personally tried each one and can vouch for their consistency, potency, and high-quality effects. When you first try using CBD in any form, it is so important to try different kinds of delivery systems for it when using it at different times of the day or in different situations. You may find one type of product that makes you feel more relaxed for sleep and another product that gives you more of a lift during the workday. Having a variety of products to choose from is really beneficial.

We also recommend CBDfx more than other companies because the hemp that is grown and used is both American made and organic. Many companies do not use organic hemp, which concerns us due to the possible pesticides and chemicals that might be in their products. With CBDfx, you can rest easy knowing that both the products and the methods use to extract the cannabinoids are of the highest standard. When you are fighting an illness, disease, or health condition, these are very important, as we at AM Meds know firsthand. We only recommend companies that we have investigated and ones that we have personally found success in using their products.

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CBDfx Products

CBDfx has a line unlike other competitors, with a full range of products to suit any kind of consumer. From CBD vape pens and juice in various flavors to CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, and CBD oils, creams, face-masks, and liquids, CBDfx literally offers every type of product for which one could ask. Whether you are new to CBD or a seasoned user of it, CBDfx has products to serve your every need. Where some companies only focus on a couple of types of products in one flavor, CBDfx has colorful, flavorful blends that make the products fun.

Because this company only uses full-spectrum cannabinoids to make their oils, all of the naturally occurring health benefits are retained for maximum effects and wellness. The CBD has all the terpenes and cannabinoids possible rather than having them reduced or removed. Customers can experience the hemp plant at its very best when they use CBDfx products. From the juices and pens to the gummies and tinctures to the capsules and oils, these products really set the standard for CBD on the market.

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