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Green Roads CBD has set the gold standard for CBD products in the United States. Their products are being sold at over 10,000 locations around the country. They have won many awards for quality standards and industry leadership as well. Because Green Roads is made by pharmacists using proprietary formulations that are both potent and pure, Green Roads has been rated as the #1 private CBD company in the United States.

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Green Roads starts with American grown hemp using the highest standards and practices. The company focuses its mission on creating healthy CBD products that help people to lessen dependence on pharmaceuticals and alleviate pain and symptoms of depression. The extraction process yields rich, broad-spectrum oils from the hemp to bring award-winning products to health food shops, doctor’s offices, and other retail stores in the country. With a focus on wellness for all their clients, Green Roads truly sets the standard in CBD products for all.

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Green Roads Highlights

Green Roads products are far superior to other brands of CBD. Their products are batch tested by an external lab to ensure purity and quality. Since the company was founded by a pharmacist, the products prioritize potency and consistency of the highest standard. Compared to other companies, Green Roads surpasses in almost every way. Their clean extraction process and third-party testing sets them apart from their competitors. The quality is of the highest standard, which is why we recommend them so highly as the best CBD on the market today.

The market is full of CBD competitors during a time when CBD is becoming more and more popular. We at AM Meds have tried so many types of CBD oils and products to compare and contrast the results with their respective advertisements. In some cases, reports show that often products do not have near the amount of CBD as advertised on their labels. Green Roads believes in full transparency as it delivers what it promises. They are also lab tested for pesticides, heavy metals and microbials to ensure quality. The range of products available come in so many forms to suit almost every user’s needs.

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Why Choose Green Roads?

Not only are we at AM Meds completely thrilled with the efficacy of the Green Roads products that we have tried, the story of the founders has always inspired us. The owner team began with a pharmacist named Laura that wanted to help her friend Arby to get free of an opioid addiction that he’d formed after a surgery prescription began to overtake him. Between his knowledge of hemp and her desire to help him, Green Roads was born. After succeeding in treating Arby with their products, they became determined to bring its potential to more and more suffering people.

Ever since then, the company has set the gold standard in quality control and consumer transparency to bring the best CBD products to the market. As their business has grown rapidly, they are fast becoming the most popular and well-trusted brand of CBD in the country. Between their natural American grown hemp, the quality testing for heavy metals and pesticides, and their third party independent lab testing, Green Roads CBD can be trusted for personal use for any age of person, for any disease, or individual constitution. Their website has testimonials, FAQ’s, and lots of information on what product is best for each situation. We found at AM Meds that a personal trial of all the products was needed to determine what products are best for different illnesses and symptoms.

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Green Roads Products

Because of regulations from the US FDA, CBD companies are prohibited from making claims about their products’ effectiveness when dealing with certain health conditions. Until a large number of clinical trials are done, health claims cannot be made by the companies that produce CBD. However, we at AM Meds have tried many of the Green Road products and found them quite effective for treating the pain from which we suffered after doing manual labor for so many years. Since we are not producing the product, we can only speak to our experience regarding the effectiveness of their CBD. We offer our testimonial as one story of success in using CBD to treat pain. There are many stories online from other people that have used it for depression, anxiety, and other neurological issues as well.

Trying some of the products and dosages is the best way to find out what works best for you. The products offered by Green Roads include CBD Oil in tincture form which is taken and absorbed under the tongue. There are also gummy products that are chewed but take a bit longer to absorb through digestion, yet have longer-lasting effects. There are also creams and gels which can be applied topically to soothe body pain and are absorbed through the skin. There are also beverages such as coffee and tea-infused CBD products, which make soothing evening nightcaps to help with sleep and mood.

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