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Green Roads CBD Skin Relief Cream


We have personally found a benefit to using these skin relief products along with other Green Roads products. All Green Roads products are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure purity and potency. As with all Green Roads products, no animal testing is done for these products. Although the FDA does not allow any medical claims to be made about the effects of cannabinoids to treat any illnesses until further testing is completed and published, many people claim to find immense benefit from using CBD products such as the CBDfx tinctures to help relieve some symptoms of many conditions.




Experience the revivifying power of CBD plus soothing botanicals with Green Roads Skin Relief Cream. This no-residue topical cream is the ideal way to support your red, dry, and itchy skin. Avocado oil is added for enhanced skin wellness, while the Lavender oil is used for a pleasing scent.


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